• Market research: social media analytics
  • Strategic positioning
  • Campaign development
  • Ecommerce website design
  • Marketing collateral
  • Social media and engagement

Target segmentation using cluster analysis

FRS® Energy + Endurance is a line of products proven to provide healthy, sustained energy. BrewLife used cluster analysis of socialgraphics research to look at the characteristics and interests of certain groups of Twitter followers in order to better understand existing FRS fans and identify new segments with strong potential for growth. We then created a conversation blueprint that outlined how best to communicate with those audiences, shaped a media and engagement plan and designed an ecommerce website showcasing our new creative campaign.

BrewLife’s socialgraphics data led to a change in focus from hardcore athletes to an audience that includes active individuals who are committed to, but not obsessive about working out, and future expansion to mass-market health-conscious consumers. Our analytics readout also indicated that long-lasting energy is the most important product benefit, and the FRS positioning should shift from simply energy for fitness to enduring energy for success. We tested three creative campaigns before launching an empowering campaign that taps into a winning feeling we all can relate to: “Today I own this.”